International Travel Grant: The First Korea-U.S. Joint Seminar on Biomedical Engineering

  • Dong, Cheng (PI)

Project: Research project

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9812245 Dong The First Korea-U.S. Joint Seminar on Biomedical Engineering is to occur during May 21-23, 1998. The general objectives of the meeting are to promote and establish a concrete relationship between Korea and the U.S. in the biomedical engineering field. Biomedical Engineering is one of the 18 recently initiated national projects in Korea.

This joint international seminar is designed to provide opportunities to share recent biomedical research activities in both the U.S. and Korea, and, importantly, to establish collaborative research relationships between the two countries. An implicit purpose of developing cooperation with the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation is to engage in a productive mechanism that ensures the results from novel and important biomedical engineering research will devolve to both parties. An important outcome expected form the seminar is the identification of priority areas for future cooperation. Therefore, the seminar is designed to include experts representing a number of areas of biomedical engineering: cell and tissue engineering, biomechanics, instrumentation; biomedical imaging; biomaterials; and human physiological functions.

The Seminar is a satellite meeting of the Korean Society of Medical and Biological Engineering '1998 Spring Conference'. During their stay in Korea, the 12 U.S. participants in the Seminar will make site visits to leading Korea research centers such as the Daeduk Research Complex and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, thereby providing additional opportunities to discuss potential research collaborations.


Effective start/end date5/1/984/30/99


  • National Science Foundation: $16,500.00


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