International Travel to the European Social Cognition Network Meeting

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This project will fund the travel of the PI and two graduate students to present their research and participate in the European Social Cognition Network (ESCON) conference to be held in Warsaw/Pultusk, Poland in September 2006. The ESCON meeting provides an international forum for the exchange of the most recent scientific developments in the field of social cognition. This conference is innovative not only in its cross-national representation (some 16 countries will be represented), but in its provision of a platform for young researchers -- including the two students whose travel will be supported on this grant -- to present their research ideas and to receive extensive feedback from a variety of experts in the field. The PI, as one of the invited plenary speakers, will present her research power and stereotyping to an international audience. Thus, the PI will have the opportunity to discuss her work more broadly and informally with attendees. One of the broader goals of this meeting is to foster international research collaborations and to develop additional opportunities for young researchers to become integrated into the international scientific community. Participation in this conference will both enhance the research careers of the PI and graduate students, and will establish intellectual and social cross-national connections that will have a positive impact on the broader field of social cognition.

Effective start/end date10/1/069/30/07


  • National Science Foundation: $11,675.00


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