Investing in the Future by Increasing Diversity in the STEM Graduates at Penn State Harrisburg

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This project is to provide 78 one-year scholarships in Engineering and Technology (Civil, Electrical, Environmental and Mechanical), Mathematics, Computer Science, and Life Sciences at Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg. Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement, financial need, and interest in STEM fields. To ensure the success of the scholarship recipients, the project will implement additional services and processes including improved early progress report, a new bridge-mathematics course, mentoring by STEM working professionals and peer mentoring through a STEM scholarship club. To attract students to the program, the project plans to enhance the pipeline by helping high schools to create Engineering, Mathematics, and Science clubs. The project intends to leverage the University's Office of Development to sustain its effort over time. The project results will be communicated through conference presentations, papers and website dissemination to targeted audiences. The project will help to improve educational opportunities for students, to increase the retention and graduation rates, and to produce well-educated and skilled employees in technical areas of national need.

Effective start/end date5/1/124/30/18


  • National Science Foundation: $600,000.00


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