I/UCRC for Center for Healthcare Organization Transformation

  • Tucker, Conrad S. (PI)
  • Nembhard, Harriet H.B. (CoPI)
  • Reddy, Madhu C. (CoPI)
  • DeFlitch, Christopher (CoPI)
  • Mccaughey, Deirdre D. (CoPI)
  • Brannon, Diane (CoPI)
  • Medeiros, D. J. (CoPI)

Project: Research project

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Pennsylvania State University (PSU) seeks to join the existing I/UCRC 'Healthcare Organization Transformation (CHOT)' consisting of Texas A&M (TAMU), Georgia Tech AND Northeastern University. TAMU is the lead institution of the existing Center.

Pennsylvania State University (PSU) seeks to join the existing Center for Health Organization and Transformation (CHOT) as a fourth site. CHOT was established in 2008 to 'conduct mixed methodology, applied research on the antecedents, execution, and effects of transformational interventions and strategies that combine evidence-based management, clinical and information technology innovations, and on-going organizational learning and cultural change' in healthcare systems.

PSU will develop and use systems principles to guide research to effectively transform healthcare delivery. A significant focus will be on transformative impact and quantitative measurements and analysis or the providers, payors, and patients. This may take form through transformation-focused interventions such as lean, six-sigma, or disease management. However, in order to accelerate change, research will be broadly directed toward organizational performance, transformation, and transformation technology development, in synch with CHOT.

The proposed site will develop transformative approaches, demonstrate them in its partner healthcare organizations, and disseminate evidence-based approaches to regional and national healthcare CEOs, CFOs and CIOs. The proposed site will conduct interdisciplinary research with the theme of healthcare process excellence. The site's core faculty have already developed a strong history of working collaboratively across multiple units, engaging healthcare providers as partners in applied research, and working closely with students to address research needs of the relevant industry partners. The wide scope of participation (expected from the potential members of the site) will enhance dissemination of results. Dissemination is also expected to occur via professional and academic associations and conferences, and special symposia. The proposed site plans to engage students and partners from diverse and/or under-represented groups.

Effective start/end date1/15/1112/31/16


  • National Science Foundation: $290,000.00


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