I/UCRC: Multi-university I/UCRC for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics

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The I/UCRC for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics will engage in the continuous exploration for new functional dielectric and piezoelectric materials and new strategies for integration that expand fundamental understanding, that drive the evolution of existing technologies, and that provide the pathways for disruptive innovation. The CDP?s collective expertise merges conventional dielectrics, organic composites, electrochemistry, thin-film science, and microelectronic

materials and methods. The center?s faculty members offer fundamental

academic insight and experimental flexibility to generate the science push towards next-generation materials, while industry partners from across the supply chain bring unique insight regarding new product concepts and consumer needs to establish a technology pull for next generation devices.

The I/UCRC for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics aims to develop a diverse human capital and enhance scientific research, infrastructure, and societal impact through engagement with industry. Through targeted recruiting efforts, the CDP plans to integrate a diverse group of faculty and students in the Center, particularly participants from underrepresented groups (females and minorities) and veterans. In addition, the center intends to develop relationships with strategic international institutions to enhance the research capabilities of the CDP and to provide international research opportunities for graduate students. Center research and human capital development targets impact of our nation?s energy, transportation, security and medical infrastructure by advancing materials that underpin critical technologies for these sectors.

Effective start/end date3/1/142/28/19


  • National Science Foundation: $683,443.00


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