I/UCRC Phase I: Collaborative Research: I/UCRC Center for Atomically Thin Multifunctional Coatings (ATOMIC)

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Coatings are often characterized/classified by their application or functionality, and the economic impact of coating technologies is staggering and estimated to be in the trillions. Therefore, even incremental improvements in coating properties have an impact, and revolutionary improvements in the coatings could lead to quantum leaps in the technologies that rely on these coatings. In this context, atomically thin layers, commonly known as ?two dimensional materials?, exhibiting highly tunable properties, can be engineered to solve fundamental scientific and technological challenges in the coating arena. This Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) is devoted to the design and development of advanced coatings based on two-dimensional (2D) and layered materials (Center for Atomically Thin Multifunctional Coatings -ATOMIC). Key to the center is a diverse set of industrial partners (glass, polymer, coating manufacturers, electronics and automobile companies, equipment/tools manufacturers, national labs, and small businesses). ATOMIC is a unique synergistic effort that exploits the unprecedented properties of 2D nanomaterials and establishes the foundations to revolutionize multifunctional coatings. The center activities are student-centric, focused on carrying out transformational and applied research, developing intellectual property, providing student mentorship, internships, and undertaking technology transfer.

ATOMIC synergistically integrates world-leading faculty, researchers, students and staff from The Pennsylvania State University and Rice University with industry and national laboratories. ATOMIC advances coating science and technology in key strategic areas including: corrosion, oxidation and abrasion resistance, friction and wear, energy storage/harvesting, large-scale synthesis and deposition of multifunctional coatings, and others. The ATOMIC goals are: 1) Demonstrate the importance of fundamental and pre-competitive research for economic growth; 2) Establish an innovative scientific and technological platform to develop novel coatings based on 2D systems; 2) Develop fundamental process/property relationships in 2D materials driven by industry needs; 3) Standardizing measurement, characterization, and modeling techniques for benchmarking coating performances; 4) Build and maintain strong relationships with industry to advance ATOMIC research and to facilitate knowledge transfer to ATOMIC members; 5) Educate undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars, who will become effective members of the research community in this interdisciplinary area, and 6) Broaden participation in STEM through a strong outreach program aimed at all levels of education, ethnicities and minorities.

Effective start/end date7/15/159/30/22


  • National Science Foundation: $1,184,358.00


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