Japan (STA) Postdoctoral Program: High Temperature Superconductors and High Field Magnets

  • Schwartz, Justin J. (PI)

Project: Research project

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This award will provide supplemental support to enable Dr. Justin Schwartz of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to conduct collaborative research for six months with Dr. Kiyoshi Inoue of the National Research Institute for Metals (NRIM) in Tsukuba, Japan. They will address some of the key development issues for superconducting magnets. Any practical application of high temperature ceramic supercon- ductors will require a tremendous research and development effort. Dr. Schwartz will participate in two on-going projects at NRIM, one involving design optimization of the coil for a high field pulsed magnet, and the second looking at long tape, Ag-sheathed, Bi-system high temperature superconductors. NRIM has been involved in the design and optimization of high field research magnets for many years and should thus provide an ideal setting for this young U.S. scientist to participate in pioneering research.

Effective start/end date4/1/903/31/91


  • National Science Foundation: $7,475.00


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