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We propose to continue an integrated program in Johne's disease (JD) research focused on developing a strong translational pipeline of new diagnostic tests, vaccine candidates, and strategies to manage, prevent and control the disease. Four major research themes are organized into projects led by internationally renowned scientists. Project 1 focuses on understanding JD epidemiology and the process of disease transmission; Project 2 seeks to develop and implement new generations of diagnostic tests and methods for M. paratuberculosis (MAP) strain differentiation; Project 3 focuses on improving our understanding MAP basic biology and elucidating pathogenesis mechanisms; Project 4 identifies basic strategies to enhancing the T and B cell immune response to MAP and initiates programs to develop new vaccines. These projects are supported by Scientific Cores in Biostatistics and Epidemiology; Diagnostics and Strain Differentiation; Gene and Protein Expression; and Animal Experimentation. JDIP promotes linkages with public and private stakeholders to foster transitional research and promote maximal use of core facilties, as facilitated by an Administrative Core and a Communications Extension Core. An External Advisory Board advises JDIP on programmatic maters and ensures JDIP stays true to its mission and capitalizes on recent scientific advances. This group reviews scientific programs and provides advice to the Steering Committee. Overall, JDIP serves to bring together scientists and stakeholders with a shared vision and well defined plan to support and facilitate research, extension and education activities to enhance animal bio-security by addressing well-documented and emerging needs in JD.

Effective start/end date2/15/112/14/15


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $1,200,000.00


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