Laboratory Scale Plug-and-Play Microgrid Test Bed

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The proposal details all the components to be purchased as part of this DURIP. Some of the most significant items include:- 2 ea 4 kW bidirectional converters to upgrade a single phase existing capability to a 3-phase system- 20 ea Smart Energy Meters for monitoring and communication- 15 ea 15 kVA transformers- 3 ea 10 kVA synchronous generators- 6 ea 15 kVA induction motors- Matlab / Simulink software- 20 kW bidirectional converterPeriod of performance proposed is 7/15/2016 - 7/14/2017.

Effective start/end date9/7/16 → …


  • U.S. Navy: $275,882.00


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