Liquid Metal surface properties and plasma material interactions for plasma-facing component development in NSTX-U

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and 3) Dr. K. B. Woller of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will lead studies of compositional changes and hydrogenic retention under high-fluence plasma exposure.

This project addresses key aspects of the NSTX-U mission and plans by the study of so-called slow-flow or 'hybrid' technologies providing liquid Li (low-Z) pre-filled refractory metal (high-Z) plasma-facing component materials and establishing an understanding of their surface and PMI properties for use in NSTX-U. In addition to establishing a physics basis for these PFCs, this proposal will help establish the engineering basis of future PFC divertor upgrade(s) preparing for the next NSTX-U Five-Year Plan (2026-2030) whose central element would be a Liquid Lithium program.

Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/25


  • Fusion Energy Sciences: $850,000.00


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