Micromirror Arrays for Imaging Sensors

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For decades, the lens-CCD chip paradigm has dominated the design of imaging sensors. Design goals of these systems are to maximize resolution and to maximize the field of view. This work proposes a new design paradigm for a sensor that employs state-of-the art optical micro-electro-mechanical systems, with the goal of ultimately producing ultra-high resolution images. This will be made possible by an application of the theory of vector fields and distributions to optical design, and the effort will entail collaboration between a mathematician and an electrical engineer. A major component of this work will involve the integration of research and education. This work will enable students and researchers to explore the multi-discipline area of optical microsystems through the development of courses, labs, and research experiences, developing a qualified next-generation engineering force for US leadership in the emerging optical microsystem field.

Effective start/end date10/1/049/30/08


  • National Science Foundation: $340,000.00


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