Millimeter and Centimeter Wave Scattering from Ice Crystals,Graupel and Hail

  • Aydin, Kultegin (PI)

    Project: Research project

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    9225116 Aydin The objective of this research is to investigate the radar scattering properties of ice phase hydrometeors in order to better understand and interpret centimeter and millimeter wave polarimetric radar measurements of clouds and precipitation. This will be accomplished through electromagnetic scattering computations and comparisons with experimental measurements. The polarimetric scattering properties of ice crystals such as plates, columns, bullets, needles and dendrites will be evaluated at millimeter wave frequencies for use in discriminating ice crystal habits and estimating their ice mass content with radar. Similar evaluations will be performed for scattering from graupel and hail at centimeter wave frequencies for radar detection and quantitative estimation of hail parameters such as hailfall rate, liquid water in hailfall and hailstone size. ***

    Effective start/end date11/1/9310/31/97


    • National Science Foundation: $334,129.00


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