Modeling and Development of Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) Control Systems Using Extended Moore Machine Network (EMMN) Model

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9301690 Kumara This research project is concerned with the design, development and implementation of formal automata theory based architecture for the modeling and control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems(FMS). The major challenge of implementing FMS at the factory level is to realize automated control. An appropriate FMS model is required for the purpose of control software design and implementation. In this research, the EMMN (Extended Moore Machine Networking) model based on automata theory for FMS control systems will be investigated. This will give rigorous theoretical foundations for modeling FMS. The basic concept behind the EMMN model is to facilitate distributed control approach by representing a system as a collection of interconnected abstract machines. A control hierarchy will be established based on abstractions of control activities. By using object oriented methodology, the EMMN model of a FMS control system will be implemented into object based software modules, based on which an integrated environment for system specification, verification and on line control will be realized. The applicability and validity of this methodology will be demonstrated via the simulation of an experimental FMS control system. In addition the scalability and liveness properties will be investigated with respect to a real life FMS. The model, which will be implemented via Object Oriented scheme in a multitasking environment, will be evaluated for portability by considering adaptation on a laboratory based and a real life FMS.

Effective start/end date10/1/939/30/97


  • National Science Foundation: $145,000.00


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