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Under this Investigator Initiated Award, the PI will focus on assessing the effect that human neutrophil/leukocyte (PMN) adhesion to melanoma cells has on melanoma cell adhesion and transmigration across endothelium, i.e., tumor cell extravasation. Evidence suggests that leukocytes assist tumor cell adhesion and transmigration. Studies will be performed in a novel flow chamber that permits examination of the effect of flow on tumor cell attachment. The four aims are: 1) to characterize the role of tumor-elicited leukocytes in dynamic tumor cell extravasation, 2) to identify tumor-secreted chemokines associated with PMN recruitment and determine their ability to assist with tumor extravasation under flow conditions, 3) to determine hydrodynamic shear effect on adhesion efficiency in tumor-leukocyte interaction and 4) to foster education/teaching through the application of engineering principles to cell biology.

Effective start/end date7/1/026/30/06


  • National Science Foundation: $318,000.00


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