MRI 2006: Acquisition of Nanotechnology Instrumentation within NNIN: Consortium Proposal

  • Tiwari, Sandip S. (PI)
  • Rathbun, Lynn L. (CoPI)
  • Campbell, S. A. (CoPI)
  • Nishi, Yoshio Y. (CoPI)
  • Catchmark, Jeffrey M. (CoPI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


MRI 2006: Acquisition of Nanotechnology Research Instrumentation within NNIN (Consortium)

The objective of this research project is to provide advanced technology resources to the nanotechnology community. This award provides for an Atomic Layer Deposition system and a Microfluidics test system, to be located at Penn State University and the University of Minnesota, respectively. These instruments will be made available to researchers from across the country via the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network. In particular, NNIN will emphasize remote access to these processing resources enabling broad reach.

Intellectual Merit: The proposed instruments will enable research in two significant areas. The deposition system will enable atomic thickness accuracy and improved quality of films (a variety of oxides and other dielectrics) using self-assembly techniques for nanostructures. The system will also support efforts in new microelectronic materials and devices. The microfluidics system will enable characterization of fluid flow of biological materials across size scales and study of flow systems in microfluidic assemblies. NNIN's technical staff will develop reliable protocols, training procedures, and extend the capabilities of these instruments, incorporating these new capabilities into other user research projects. This interaction will foster strong inter-disciplinary and innovative uses of these instruments with significant technology impact.

Broader Impact: Both instruments will be available remotely, the first for remote processing and the second for remote visualization. Through its large research user population, the utilization of this technology will have wide coverage involving researchers from academia, small and large companies, and federal research laboratories. Educational efforts will encompass undergraduate research projects, hands-on training of graduate students, and web-based training tools.

Effective start/end date9/1/068/31/09


  • National Science Foundation: $295,000.00


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