MRI/RUI Proposal for Acquisition of MTS 810 TestStar IIs Material Testing System

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A TestStar IIs test system will be acquiired for Penn State Eries School

of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET) material test lab currently used to support undergraduate

programs in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET), Plastics Engineering Technology (PLET) and Mechanical

Engineering (ME). The equipment will create an infrastructure to enable research in the characterization of

monotonic and dynamic material properties of elastomers, plastics and various metals over a range of temperatures

and loading conditions. It will also be used to support the achievement of learning objectives established for

undergraduate instruction in dynamic testing methods. Opportunities for applied research will be derived from

ongoing funded research conducted collaboratively with Leigh University, by proposed research with regional

industry partners, and through the support given to the Plastics Technology Center (PTC) that serves Northwest


Research will be applied and focused on the advancement and understanding of the dynamic and monotonic

properties for elastomeric, plastic and various metal materials over a range of temperatures. Specifically, dynamic

characterization of these materials, generation of monotonic material data with emphasis on using this data to

support non-linear finite element analysis (FEA), and generation of data to support various fatigue methodologies

including fracture mechanics and strain-life approaches will be considered.

The activity will advance discovery and understanding in the identified research areas while at the same time

creating an infrastructure promoting learning in the field of dynamic testing. To this end, dynamic testing laboratory

and instruction modules have been created for courses in mechanical engineering and in mechanical and plastics

engineering technology. Thus, the proposed activity will strengthen the Schools strategic initiative to foster

interdisciplinary interaction between its students and faculty.

The development of the facilities would benefit the

Plastics Technology Center (PTC) outreach efforts conducted in partnership with the Northwest Pennsylvania

Resource Center (NWIRC) and Penn State Erie. The center provides high-end product design and development

services to business start-ups and small manufacturers. The equipment would provide the center with a

convenient internal resource for collecting plastic material data needed to support their customers and programs.

Further, the facilities developed by this will be used as an additional

resource to support Penn State Erie successful Math Options Program (which has currently enabled a 7% female

enrollment in the School) to further the programs goal of helping prepare women for tomorrows careers in science,

engineering, math, and computer technology.

Effective start/end date8/1/037/31/04


  • National Science Foundation: $244,595.00


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