Mutlifunctional Thermal Spray Based Additive Manufacturing System

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Additive manufacturing (AM) processes are being developed for several different DoD applications. There is greater emphasis on maintenance, reduced live cycle costs and extending the life of Navy assets. Combining AM and repair and inspection capabilities in a single system would be a transformational technology for depots, Fleet Readiness Centers and research facilities. VRC Metal Systems developed and produces the Advanced Repair and Rebuild System (VARRS), an automated repair and additive manufacturing station that incorporates Cold Spray, laser scanning, non-destructive evaluation, dimensional analysis, and machining in a single station. This unique system would greatly increase the Navy's ability to quickly develop and transition repairs and AM applications. VARRS incorporates the Gen III Cold Spray system that has higher pressure and temperature capabilities than other Cold Spray systems currently used by the Navy. This system can apply a greater number of materials and is suited for additive manufacture. The flexible design makes it possible to integrate deposition processes. Integrating machining and inspection capabilities will reduce the amount of material deposited and improve material properties. VARRS will expand capabilities of Penn State's Center for Innovative Metal Processing through Direct Digital Deposition, a DoD sponsored state-of-the-art demonstration center and Cold Spray research facility. VARRS will also will provide education opportunities in support of future and ongoing DoD research. Specific areas include dimensional and structural repairs, AM, nano-scale powders, corrosion and wear resistant coatings, process and property modeling, reverse engineering, NDE, and powder processing. VARRS will support research and education of undergraduate and graduate students at ARL and in Engineering and Material Science at Penn State and other universities and research with other DoD research facilities. Several of the graduate and undergraduate students that have performed cold spray research at ARL are currently working for the DoD.
Effective start/end date9/29/15 → …


  • U.S. Navy: $898,398.00


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