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Near infrared surveys for high redshift quasars

Donald P. Schneider

Over the last decade the NSF has funded a series of surveys, carried out using a large format CCD camera on the Palomar 5-m telescope. These surveys have investigated quasar populations at a redshift of about four. The highest redshift quasars are interesting; they place the strongest constraints on formation mechanisms of these objects and reveal the nature of the intergalactic medium at ever earlier times. In this study, Dr. Schneider is extending these studies out to redshifts of up to six. The investigations consist of the following datasets: (1) two Palomar CCD surveys; a four filter survey and a slitless survey. (2)the Sloan Digital Sky Survey; and (3) optical identifications in two deep x-ray surveys form Roentgen Satellite and the Chandra advanced x-ray facility.


Effective start/end date9/1/992/29/04


  • National Science Foundation: $306,036.00


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