NETS-NOSS: Link Quality Estimation for Wireless Sensor Networks

Project: Research project

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Proposal Number: 0626709

PI: Wang-Chien Lee

Institution: Pennsylvania State University, University Park

Title: NeTS-NOSS: Link Quality Estimation for Wireless Sensor Networks


This project addresses issues of deteriorated network performance caused by irregular radio patterns and unreliable link quality in wireless sensor networks. The goal is to study research challenges in estimating, providing and using link quality information in wireless sensor networks. The project achieves its goal via the following approaches: (1) develop new algorithms and techniques based on regression models for link quality estimation; (2) design a new link quality service to support upper-layer routing protocols and network services; (3) develop new routing protocols that incorporate the factor of link quality in their designs; (4) prototype the link quality estimator, link quality service, and routing protocols based on Berkeley's Sensor Network Architecture; (5) develop analytical performance models, implement simulators, and conduct empirical experiments to validate the feasibility and performance of research ideas and results. The result is a holistic suite of innovative protocols, algorithms and techniques for estimation and use of link quality information in wireless sensor networks. This research will fundamentally change the design of routing protocols and network services in wireless sensor networks and will have broad impact in various research fields, scientific studies, and applications, including computer science, earth science, habitat and wildlife monitoring, military and rescue operations, and so on. This project supports Ph.D students to pursue research in the areas of wireless sensor networks, systems, distributed algorithms, and spatio-temporal data management. A new graduate-level course covering these areas and integrating research results from the project will be introduced in the curriculum. Publications, technical reports, software and experimental data from this research will be disseminated via the project web site (

Effective start/end date9/15/0612/31/10


  • National Science Foundation: $251,052.00


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