NGS: Scalable I/O Management and Access Optimizations for Scientific Applications for High-Performance Computing

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Alok Choudhary

Northwestern University

Scalable I/O Management & Access Optimizations for Scientific Applications for High-Performance Computing

The main objective of this proposal is to address the problem of large-scale storage, performance management of I/O, automatic performance optimizations of I/O using historical information and access patterns, data management, analysis, and access using simple interfaces which permit flow of access information to lower levels software for exploiting higher level information. Furthermore, since analysis at such a scale is simply not feasible if done manually (e.g., visualization alone or off-line analysis), integration of on-line analysis and feature extraction while simulations and experiments are executing is very important. Our observation is that neither parallel file systems nor runtime systems and database management systems (DBMS) fully-address the large-scale data management problem, as they lack global information about the applications access patterns and most of them are not effective in handling storage hierarchies.

We believe that the results from the proposed research will enable scientists to address one of the most important bottlenecks in computational simulation cycles; namely, the bottleneck of analyzing and managing massive data in high-performance distributed computing environment (such as Grid).

Effective start/end date9/1/018/31/04


  • National Science Foundation: $99,827.00


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