Nonlinear Optical Probing of Ferroic and Multiferroic Domain Dynamics

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Intellectual Merit: The focus of this project is to advance fundamental understanding of complex domain microstructures and their dynamics under diverse conditions such as temperature, electric, magnetic fields, and strain. The project deals with two new areas, coupled ferroelectric-magnetic phenomena in multiferroic materials, and large strain enhancements in ferroic and multiferroic material properties. The approach combines amplitude, phase, polarization, spectroscopy and imaging in second and third order nonlinear optical measurements to study strained ferroics and multiferroics. The aim is to understand domain structure, electrical-magnetic domain coupling and dynamics, and phase transitions. Also, simultaneous in-situ dielectric and magneto-dielectric measurements will be performed to correlate electrical, magnetic and optical responses from multiferroics for understanding coupled magnetic-ferroelectric phenomena. Collaborations on first principles theory, phenomenological modeling, film synthesis, crystal growth, x-ray and electron microscopy characterization, and magnetic measurements are integral to the project.


Broader Impact: The project addresses fundamental materials research with strong technological relevance to electronics and photonics, and effectively integrates research and education. The project facilitates interdisciplinary education of students in collaborative interactions. Graduate and undergraduate students will participate in the project allowing them to gain hands-on experience in forefront research. The PI will capitalize on Penn State-Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) Week, and SROP (Summer Research Opportunity Program for minority students) -for continuing a workshop on 'The Science and Technology of Light' for high school girls and underrepresented groups annually.

Effective start/end date9/1/058/31/09


  • National Science Foundation: $235,000.00


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