Northern California Plate Boundary Evolution: Workshop Focused on Defining LIDAR (ALSM) Targets and Priorities

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This project will conduct a workshop for the specific purpose of defining the uses

and priorities for LIDAR imagery along the northern San Andreas plate boundary system and

related plate boundary structures in northern California (e.g. the Owens Valley region of Eastern

California Shear zone, etc.). As an outcome of this workshop we will develop a prioritization for

data acquisition, catalyze collaborations among users from different sub-disciplines, and begin

the development of a cohesive and comprehensive plan from the consortium of users to effectively

and efficiently obtain, process, and disseminate high resolution LIDAR derived DEMS.

The development of high resolution DEMS along the rapidly evolving San Andreas plate boundary in Northern California are a critically needed data set for a wide range of the active tectonic studies driven by Earthscope research. Specific targets include fault development and amalgamation, and drainage basin and river response to active tectonics, faulting, and earthquakes.

LIDAR derived DEMs are critical to analyses of active tectonics and thus are key to the Earthscope goals. In addition they provide information critical to a wide range of societally important issues including hazard assessment, land stability, flooding vulnerability, and land use planning. A goal of this workshop is the development of a consortium of researchers and users. Modeled on the PSLC that serves the broad community of researchers, engineering geologists, planners, and regional governments.

Effective start/end date1/1/0612/31/07


  • National Science Foundation: $28,400.00


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