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The objective of this research effort is to collect data about the use of some of the largest park and ride facilities in the Puget Sound region. These data will include the efficiency of the parking facilities (measured in various ways such as average passenger occupancy of vehicles entering the lot, lot utilization rate, and fraction of users actually making use of surrounding transit options) and key characteristics of the users of these facilities during typical weekday conditions, including: origin-destination information, arrival times, trip purpose, and vehicle occupancy. A survey of all transit lines serving the lots and their frequencies will be collected as well. These data will provide the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) with a better understanding of how these facilities serve to connect the surrounding transportation system, and provide quantitative data with which to develop regional parking policies to increase lot efficiency. In addition, this data collection effort will include traveler reactions to incentives for non-SOV (single occupancy vehicle) travel to these facilities, and disincentives to SOV travel. These objectives will be achieved through the following tasks: (1) literature review of previous studies on park and ride efficiency in the United States; (2) development of a survey to understand user demand patterns and motivations; (3) assessment of current facility use; (4) pre-test of survey and survey refinement; (5) survey administration at key facilities in the Puget Sound region; (6) synthesis and analysis of collected data; and (7) final report to WSDOT. A breakdown of the tasks is provided below.
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  • U.S. Department of Transportation: $92,961.00


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