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The PA Sustainable Community Project goal is to foster the positive growth and development of middle-school youth by strengthening families, building skills, and reducing youth problem behaviors (e.g., substance use, violence, and other problems). The National CYFAR Outcome being addressed is Teen. One aspect of this project involves the bolstering parent-adolescent relationship because of its importance as a mechanism to improve youth's lives. In order to meet this goal, the evidence-based partnership model, PROSPER (PROSPER: PROmoting School-community university Partnerships to Encourage Resilience) will be employed in Fayette County, specifically working with Uniontown and Laurel Highlands school districts. PROSPER links three existing infrastructure systems to enhance the resiliency of youth and their families - the land-grant university, the Cooperative Extension System, and the public school system. Through these new linkages, PROSPER is designed to strengthen the expertise and broaden the resources of community teams to implement coordinated school and family-focused prevention programs that enhance resiliency and decrease problem behaviors. The community teams within the PROSPER model are led by Extension educator and comprised of representatives from the school, community service agencies, parents, and youth. PROSPER community partnership teams implement one evidence-based family program for youth in fifth and sixth grade and a complementary evidence-based school program in grade seven.The PROSPER model is more than the combination of two programs, it innovativeness occurs in the ongoing technical assistance provided to teams and in the significant role of community team plays. This model has resulted in significant increases implementation quality and long-term sustainability when compared to traditional program implementation by agency.

Effective start/end date9/1/148/31/19


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $140,000.00


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