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Penn State University's Conference on Undergraduate Research in Mathematics, 4-5 November 2011This conference provides a venue for undergraduate students to communicate the results of their research and/or to learn about ongoing research and future careers in all areas of the mathematical sciences. They will give 20-minute talks in parallel sessions with breaks for meals, snacks, discussion, a visit to the Penn State Creamery, and a tour of the Pritchard Fluid Mechanics Laboratory. Two invited speakers, Annalisa Crannell and Francis Su, who are well-known for successfully engaging undergraduates students, will give mathematics talks aimed at the undergraduate audience.The objective for the students is two-fold: to experience the intellectual thrill of sharing research experiences, and to network with faculty who can answer questions about graduate education and future careers in the mathematical sciences as well as concerns of a more personal nature, such as issues facing women mathematicians. Our hope is that students will make friends with other students who like math; that they will experience and enjoy ``talking math'', and want to continue doing so in a graduate program; and that they will receive recognition for the hard work they put into their research. The objective for the faculty who are involved is that they learn more about undergraduate research possibilities and the rewards of mentoring undergraduate research; that they learn how mentoring undergraduate research can enhance their teaching missions, both in and out of the classroom; and in general, that they network with others who can share ideas and best practices.
Effective start/end date8/1/117/31/12


  • National Science Foundation: $6,500.00


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