PFI: Leveraging Advanced Research University Knowledge for Innovation in Legacy Industrial Era Regions: Pennsylvania's I-99 Corridor

  • Hoover, M. R. (CoPI)
  • McKnight, Stephen (CoPI)
  • Hallacher, Paul (CoPI)
  • Wormley, David (PI)
  • Trauth, Eileen M. (CoPI)

Project: Research project

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This Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) project will identify five test-bed companies for which associated technologies have been pinpointed that would help these firms remain competitive in today's economic environment. Working with these test-bed companies will enable the project personnel to identify mechanisms helpful in reducing or removing barriers between universities and the private sector that inhibit innovation. The area encompassing three south central Pennsylvania counties, strongly served by Pennsylvania State University, is the basic area to be addressed. All counties share several declining economic indicators, although businesses in the region remain viable. The businesses and the counties could be served by a partnership with a university that can help the five test-bed companies develop and commercialize their products.Use of the test-bed model and subsequent analysis through focus group discussions, questionnaires, and other tools to determine where barriers exist and how they can be reduced or removed is important and will be helpful for other universities that strive to support industry. While the project focuses on five test-bed projects involving central Pennsylvania companies, the work will be transportable to other regions of the nation where legacy companies can be assisted through innovation. The project will specifically address the need to work with underrepresented groups. The societal benefits will include successful high-tech businesses and resultant jobs in a region that has primarily relied upon industrial employment.Partners include Pennsylvania State University (lead institution); Altoona Blair County Development Corporation; Appleton Papers, Inc.; Ben Franklin Technology Partners; Bedford County Development Corporation; Centre County Industrial Development Corporation; Creative Pultrusions, Inc.; Delta Health Technologies; GSP Consulting; Juniata College; Lampire Biological Laboratories; Paradigm Solutions International; Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development; Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (IRC) Network; Pennsylvania State University; QuantumBio, Inc.; and TRS Technologies, Inc.
Effective start/end date1/15/0812/31/12


  • National Science Foundation: $600,000.00


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