Planning Grant: I/UCRC for Nexys: Next Generation Electronic System Design

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Planning Grant: Next Generation Electronic System Design (NEXYS)

1160997 Carnegie Mellon University; Diana Marculescu

1160980 Penn State University; Vijay Narayanan

1161008 University of Pittsburgh; Alex Jones

This planning grant proposal targets a new program on next generation electronic system design (dubbed Nexys: Next Generation Electronic System Design), based at Carnegie Mellon University (lead institution), in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University and the University of Pittsburg.

The participating universities propose a framework that will allow a seamless communication channel between academic and industries, and will enable innovation in the semiconductor and electronic design automation field. The proposed research thrusts reflect the expertise of the PIs and include: system-level power/thermal/sustainability modeling, analysis and optimization; system-level reliability, robustness, and system lifetime modeling and optimization, as well as test and diagnosis; on-chip communication fabrics; manufacturing process or system parameter variability impact and mitigation at architecture and system level; 3D integration; advanced memory design, including phase-change and magnetoresitive RAM. In addition, the proposed program will include several cross-cutting research themes targeting different application platforms: embedded, high-performance, cyber-physical, reconfigurable computing and FPGAs.

The proposed framework will provide a direct flow of ideas among participating academic and industrial institutions, as well as student/researcher exchanges, while also building a diverse body of participants, with deep implications in undergraduate/graduate education or beyond. The proposed center plans to enable fast transfer of technology from the academic side to industrial partners, and a steady pipeline of graduate students working on industrial-relevant project with direct feedback from industry. All three institutions are committed to a strong educational and advising program, but diversity will be addressed explicitly in their efforts.

Effective start/end date4/15/129/30/13


  • National Science Foundation: $11,500.00


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