POWRE: Application of Econometrics and Game Theory to the Study of Democratic Consolidation

  • Casper, Gretchen G. (PI)

Project: Research project

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This project seeks to understand why democracy survives in `least likely cases` and why it sometimes fails in `most likely cases.` The end result of this project will be a more complete and scientifically grounded understanding of democratic consolidation and collapse. The explanation that it offers will be based on an explicit test of contending theories, including a reexamination of classic works in the field and attention to recent scholarship, as well as the application of econometrics and game-theoretic models. The empirical test of these theories will entail a comparative study of a number of cases selected on the basis of theoretical consideration and representing several geographical regions of the world. Thus the project will not only add to the current work being done in democratization, but also help us answer the more general question of why democracies survive in some countries but not others. This POWRE award will give the investigator the opportunity to visit California Institute of Technology for twelve months. This Visiting Professorship will allow for significant professional growth. She will take advantage of Caltech's national prominence in econometrics and game theory by spending the year retooling in advanced methodological skills. In addition to retooling, she will conduct research and consult with Caltech faculty to scientifically analyze democratic consolidation. This experience will enhance the analytic sophistication of her research and possibly lead to her promotion to Full Professor at Texas A&M University. The completion of her research on a topic with broader applicability than her work to date will also increase her visibility as a political scientist to the discipline nationally. %?>Á¢ />? ??%% Á>©/>?Á ??? ?>?Á?¢¥/>??>À ? ¢?/¥?/% ??À>?¥??> />? ??¢?/% >/??À/¥??> ?> /ÀÁ>¥¢ ??¥© /?¥?Â???/% />? >/¥??/%

Effective start/end date8/1/9811/9/98


  • National Science Foundation: $84,663.00


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