Pulse Tube Refurbishment and Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer Acquisition

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The proposed instrumentation through the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program(DURIP) consists of two complimentary systems that will be used to support current and futureresearch programs which will advance the research and educational goals of the faculty, staff, andstudents of the Pennsylvania State University. The two systems, a Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer(DMA) and a pulse tube measurement system, will complement each other by characterizing thedynamic acoustic properties of acoustic materials at two sample-size scales and with two modesof operation. These two systems will also close the loop on a full development and characterizationdesign cycle for undersea polymer materials at Penn State University. The instrumentation will beutilized by the faculty, research staff, and students within the Penn State University~s College ofEngineering, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Applied Research Laboratory (ARL),The Graduate Program in Acoustics, the Center for Acoustics and Vibration (CAV) and the soonto-be formed Navy~s Center for Undersea Materials Research at Penn State.The proposed measurement apparatus will allow faculty and students to complete a full designcycle for the development and characterization of acoustic materials for undersea applications.Starting from modeling and predictions, unique materials are designed to meet certain materialproperty goals. Using the expertise and equipment of the Colleges of Materials Science andEngineering and ARL, custom materials can be synthesized to meet specific material propertygoals.The DMA will allow accurate measurements of dynamic material properties, specifically modulusand loss factor. The pulse tube will be developed using the proposed hardware upgrades combinedwith existing ARL facilities. ARL currently has a legacy pulse tube system which consists of a 15~long, 2~ diameter tube but needs to be upgraded with the necessary sensors and actuators tomeasure reflection coefficient, transmission coefficient, and complex bulk modulus.

Effective start/end date6/1/16 → …


  • U.S. Navy: $272,533.00


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