RESOURCE CORE: Penn State University's Translational Center for Child Maltreatment Studies (TCCMS)

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RESOURCE CORE: PROJECT SUMMARY / ABSTRACT Ensuring that the empirical, scientific, applied, and community-engagement components of Penn State's Translational Center for Child Maltreatment Studies (TCCMS) are successful is the primary goal of the Resource Core (RC). The RC will be devoted to supporting the proximal needs of all TCCMS Projects and Cores through personnel, expertise, administrative supports, and research tools (Aim 1), as well as distal needs through an innovative communications plan that introduces an integrated, modern framework for translating and communicating information and tools to the public and the larger field (Aim 2). This communications plan will (1) create an environment where new networks and partnerships of scholars, trainees, practitioners, and community members can be facilitated, (2) be a hub of scientific information and evidence-based tools for anyone who is in search of the latest innovations CM research, policy, and practice, and (3) institute a communications system that will alert the professional and lay communities to the best and most up to date information in the CM field. Before information can be disseminated, it must first be effectively translated to meet the needs of the audiences it intends to impact. As such, the RC will create a CM information Translation Team (TT) comprised of investigators and trained communications professionals who will compile, organize, and synthesize research findings into translational messages that resonate with stakeholder needs and specifications. These translational products will then be handed off to an experienced Communications Team (CT) who will disseminate them widely via the RC communications platforms. These platforms include a “gateway” website that will house (1) the science warehouse where relevant, evidence- based science and practice tools are curated, catalogued, and stored, (2) the policy warehouse where TCCMS policy products as well as news and information about major CM policy and practice reforms from across the US are showcased, and (3) the member forum which engages followers and members in active discourse regarding major scientific issues and advances from across the field. These platforms will also include listserves, newsletters, email, and all relevant forms of digital media that are strategically positioned for maximum reach and impact. The RC is guided by the following 2 Aims: Aim 1: By overseeing and administering shared resources included in the RC as well as resources provided by the impressive institutional match commitment from Penn State, the RC will provide the staff, expertise, and other research support to meet the proximal needs of TCCMS Projects and Cores. Aim 2: The RC will provide the staff and expertise that will locate, translate, and share the products and activities of the TCCMS (and across the field) to the public and the larger CM field via innovative communications platforms.
Effective start/end date4/1/233/31/24


  • Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: $302,017.00


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