Subseafloor Observatory Science in the Nankai Trough: Analysis of Earthquakes and Hydraulic Transients, and Installation of a Community Borehole Facility

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This proposal seeks to analyze pore pressure data from a borehole in the Nankai subduction complex (site C0002), to develop an interactive portal to disseminate data from this borehole, and to ?shepherd? the installation of new borehole instrumentation at Nankai. The pore pressure data will be analyzed in concert with seismic and strain measurements in an effort to provide a direct correlation between pore pressure and seismic strain. The new portal will be connected to a cabled system (DONET) and will make all borehole data available to the wider community in real time. The new community instrumented borehole will span a splay fault in hole C0010 and also be connected to the cabled system, providing real-time access to data.

Broader impacts: The new data portal will be integrated with an existing system already in classroom use at Penn State, allowing undergraduates access to the real-time data sets. The work will provide information regarding the behavior of potential tsunamigenic faults. The work is international in scope and highly leveraged by international funds.

Effective start/end date7/1/139/30/15


  • National Science Foundation: $83,368.00


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