Support for US-Japan Seminar on Dielectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics

  • Trolier-mckinstry, Susan S. (PI)

Project: Research project

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The US-Japan Seminars on Dielectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics are held every other year alternating locations between the United States and Japan. The purpose of these meetings is to gather international experts on dielectric and piezoelectric materials in a venue that encourages close communication to enhance knowledge transfer and cultural understanding, which is not present in any other forum. Dielectric and piezoelectric materials constitute an important class of materials for both defense and civilian applications. Technical challenges, development, and integration of these materials is of interest to ONR, as they facilitate a number of applications, including ultrasonics, piezoelectric actuation, dielectrics for energy storage, and dielectric materials for communications. This proposal is to help support the 20th US-Japan Seminar on Dielectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics.

Effective start/end date2/9/21 → …


  • U.S. Navy: $16,744.00


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