Surface Chemistry Studies with Ion Beams and Lasers

  • Winograd, Nicholas (PI)

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Winograd/Pennsylvania State

This research project, supported by the Analytical and Surface Chemistry Program, addresses fundamental aspects of the interaction of energetic ions and photons with solid surfaces. The Principal Investigator and his group at the Pennsylvania State University are examining the interactions of cluster ion beams with organic thin films and with biological samples in an ice matrix. A combination of state resolved experimental measurement with classical trajectory calculational modeling, provides information about the deposition of energy in the solid surface upon ion-surface collision. Molecule-specific imaging of the sample surface is the goal of this work. Results from these studies will impact analytical mass spectrometry, fusion reactor design, biotechnology, and reactive ion etching of electronic materials.

Surface analysis using high energy atomic and cluster ion beams is the focus of the research supported in this project. With the funding of the Analytical and Surface Chemistry Program, Professor Winograd and his coworkers are examining the fundamental aspects of ion-solid surface interactions. The particular focus of this work is on the interaction of energetic cluster ions with biological samples in an ice matrix, with the goal of developing molecule specific surface analysis of biological materials.

Effective start/end date4/1/033/31/06


  • National Science Foundation: $900,000.00


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