Technology-Based Learning: Exploring Statistical Concepts and Methods

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New data-analytic and concepts-based textbooks along with advances in statistical software, and computer and multimedia technology now offer the opportunity to rethink the way in which we teach statistics. Our goal is to combine and augment these resources to develop a unified curriculum and supporting materials for teaching statistical concepts and methods. We will deliver: laboratory manuals designed as a bridge between standard texts and computer software that will guide students through experiments that generate data for analysis; video stories that take the student 'into the field' to see how data were collected and to help them understand the context of the data analysis start-up materials to aid students, especially disadvantaged students, use computers for statistics; a machine-readable encyclopedia of examples and problems that will include data, descriptions of experiments, and computer-based retrieval; a computer CD-ROM archive of edited 'bites' from the video stories and existing video materials keyed to specific statistical concepts and tied to an instructional statistics program; and an experimental test of the effect of early enrollment in statistics by minority students on their subsequent academic performance and attitude towards science and mathematics. When this project is complete, it will represent the first time that such a comprehensive package of multimedia materials will be used in introductory statistics courses and made available nationally.

Effective start/end date7/15/926/30/96


  • National Science Foundation: $420,555.00


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