Testing the Efficacy of Mindfulness Training for Teachers on Improving Classroom Settings for Early Adolescents

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Roeser and his colleagues are investigating the teacher, classroom, and student outcomes associated with a mindfulness training (MT) program designed especially for teachers. The researchers hypothesize that MT will promote self-care and stress reduction among middle school teachers—a group characterized by high job stress and burnout. Over time, with practice, support and the benefits of self-care, they hypothesize MT will enhance teachers' relationships with students and the classroom climate for learning, and thereby, student motivation and engagement in learning. The MT is an 8-week program administered by expert trainers that teaches teachers mindfulness skills for self-care and care of others, and supports transfer of these skills to the classroom with students. An i-Touch running an i-App designed specially for the MT will be given to teachers to support their practice of mindfulness in daily life. The sample will include 100 teachers of core subjects who work in either K–8 or middle schools. Teachers will be randomly assigned to receive MT immediately or following the study. Students will be economically and ethnically diverse. Multiple methods and measures will be used to assess program impacts at the teacher, classroom, and student levels. Measures will be collected at baseline, post-test, and 6-month follow-up. Roeser and his colleagues hope the study will yield new knowledge concerning how to improve middle school education. This grant is supported by a matching award from the William T. Grant Foundation.,

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  • Spencer Foundation: $293,291.00


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