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this project will partially defray expenses for the '23rd penn state plant biology symposium: rna biology'. rna biology has been especially important in recent years with nobel prize-winning breakthroughs in rnai and crispr, not to mention the global pandemic centering on an rna virus and mrna vaccines. this has led to astonishing advances in rna technology and applications, and plants have been no exception. topics that will be covered in our rna biology conference include small rnas, rna structure, rna processing, localization, translation, and epigenetics, and interconnections to the roles that rna plays in plant growth, development, physiology, defense, and abiotic stress response. the conference will feature established and emerging leaders in all aspects of plant rna biology, who will present on the latest biological and technological advances in this exciting field. short talks will also be chosen on the basis of submitted abstracts, and there will be ample time for informal discussions and poster presentations.fundamental understanding of rna-based processes in plants (including rna interference, crispr, and epigenetics) is becoming a key driver of agricultural innovation. this conference will enhance us agricultural innovation by disseminating and producing novel knowledge to be utilized by crop breeders and the biotechnology industry. discoveries and applications of rna-based processes presented at this conference will include a strong contingent of crop species. this conference fits the physiology of agricultural plants (a1152) program because of its focus on molecular, biochemical, and genetic traits/tools in crops. the conference content will identify and highlight new and emerging areas of emphasis for thephysiology of agricultural plants program.
Effective start/end date3/1/222/28/23


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $20,000.00


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