The Dynamics of Storm Tracks and Jets in the Atmosphere and Ocean

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The goals of this project are to advance knowledge of the workings of midlatitude storm tracks and their relationship with large-scale westerly jets. Improved knowledge of the physical processes that drive jets and storm tracks will lead to better understand of the variability of the closely related surface temperature and precipitation fields. The three main research objectives are as below (i) to investigate the influence of surface Ekman pumping on the intensity of storm tracks; (ii) to examine the processes that drive jet variability; and (iii) to explore whether the eddy-multiple jet interactions in studies using highly idealized models of the atmosphere and ocean hold up in more realistic models of the atmosphere and ocean, respectively. The outcome from the eddy-resolving ocean model analysis is anticipated to help improve eddy flux parameterizations for coarse resolution ocean climate models.

In addition to training of graduate students, workshops for middle school teachers will be conducted. These workshops will blend science content and science pedagogy, providing teachers with implementation strategies for their classrooms. Thus the benefits to society are multi-faceted.

Effective start/end date12/15/1111/30/16


  • National Science Foundation: $562,003.00


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