The First Institute of Mathematical Statistics Asia Pacific Rim Meetings

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The Principal Investigator of this project is the scientific committee co-chair for the inauguration meeting of a new Institute of Mathematical Statistics Asia Pacific Rim meeting (IMS-APRM) series. This international conference covers all of the most active research topics in statistics and probability. The focuses of this conference are emerging challenging statistic and probability problems, and data-analytic techniques to address scientific questions of disciplines such as computational biology, financial engineering and industrial engineering, medical research and social sciences. A distinguished feature of this international conference is that it addresses of emerging statistical and probability problems that arise from various scientific fields. It will be extremely useful to shape the future directions of statistical research. The aim of this project is to seek funding for junior researchers and graduate students in USA to participate this conference.

The goal of this conference series is to bring together top and junior researchers and foster new collaboration among researchers in Asia and Pacific Rim. The conference provides a focal venue for the senior and junior researchers in both statistics and probability to gather, interact and present their new research findings, to discuss and outline emerging problems in their fields, and lay the ground work for fruitful future collaborations, in particular, the collaborations among the young generations. This conference is designated to serves advanced graduate students and young researchers looking for new topics to work on, and experienced researchers who hope to gain an overview of contemporary developments in statistics and probability. In selection of the invited speakers, special attention was paid to strike a subtle balance between gender, ethnicity as well as other under-presented groups. This conference focuses on various challenging problems in the frontier of statistics and probability. It is very helpful for shaping the future directions of statistical research that addresses problems of high societal impact.

Effective start/end date4/1/093/31/10


  • National Science Foundation: $8,000.00


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