The History of Galactic Gas at Redshifts 2.5 to 4.0: Near--IR Spectroscopy with the 8--m Hobby Eberly Telescope

  • Charlton, Jane J.C. (PI)
  • Ramsey, Lawrence William (CoPI)
  • Schneider, Donald P. (CoPI)
  • Churchill, Christopher W. (CoPI)

Project: Research project

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Charlton, Jane 96-17185 Dr. Charlton will conduct two observing programs with the new Hobby-Eberly Telescope. The first is a survey of Mg II absorbers, which focuses on their statistical evolution relative to H I and high ions. The second is a study of the kinematics of absorbers at higher resolution to chart the evolution of low ionization gas kinematics. The results of this research are to provide a first view of low ionization gas in the high redshift universe, a statistical sample of both low and high ionization absorption lines as a basis of future studies and a database from which high redshift Mg II absorbing galaxies can be identified and followed up with imaging.

Effective start/end date4/15/973/31/01


  • National Science Foundation: $230,751.00


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