Thermal Energy Scavenging Section (TESS) for REPS

  • Priya, Shashank (PI)

Project: Research project

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Thermal Energy Scavenging Section (TESS) for REPS. Penn State has recently demonstrated single stage modules with efficiencies greater than 10% for half-Heusler alloys, which provides strong foundation towards achieving the targeted efficiency. In order to achieve high performance thermoelectric generator, thermal insulation and adequate cold air-flow on the cold side will be included. To obtain uniform temperature at the module hot-side, a graded fin design will be implemented in which the fin density will increase towards the downstream of the hot air pipe. This will allow integration of BiTe module towards the end of the air exit and improve the power conversion efficiency. Extensive numerical and experimental fluid dynamics modeling, and heat transfer study will be conducted to examine the effect of fins on thermoelectric generator performance. Combined, all these advancements will allow demonstrating TESS for REPS that will provide high power density, high output power, high reliability and desired DC output voltages.

Effective start/end date5/11/20 → …


  • Office of Naval Research: $458,995.00


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