Tsunamis in 3-D Bathymetry

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This action is to support the development of a state-of-the-art wavemaker system for long-wave (tsunamis) generation in a laboratory wave basin. The system comprises an array of 11 side-by-side paddles that are moved horizontally in piston-like motions by 12 axes of linear motion devices. The motion of each axis is produced and controlled by a precision linear-motor unit that provides the most sophisticated load positioning available today. The complete system will be capable of generating arbitrary long-wave forms that propagate in arbitrary directions.

The wavemaker system will be installed in a precision wave basin being constructed at Oregon State University. Although separate from the NEES (Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation) tsunami wave basin, it will be an accurate 1/8th scale model and a complementary facility to the NEES wave basin. The directional wave capabilities will enhance significantly research using the NEES wave basin, as well as expanding the set of basic research areas on nonlinear long-wave dynamics in 3-D domains.

The model facility will provide a more manageable and less expensive facility for exploring and planning research efforts in the larger facility. It will also enable researchers to obtain accurate information on scale effects between different size laboratory facilities that will be useful in extrapolating results from the large NEES facility to even larger field scales. Research using the wavemaker system will take full advantage of the NEES program in terms of dissemination, education, and broader collaboration.

Effective start/end date7/15/036/30/08


  • National Science Foundation: $625,843.00


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