Upgrade of a Solid-State NMR Spectrometer

  • Garrison, Barbara Jane (PI)

Project: Research project

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Abstract 9413674 Garrison NMR spectroscopy is a major tool in the study of solid-state materials and their chemistry. The sensitivity of NMR to local electronic and magnetic interactions of nuclei has helped to make it one of the most useful diagnostic tools for the elucidation of unknown structures. As new techniques are incorporated into routine strategies to solve chemical problems in solids, the equipment that is necessary for the experiments becomes more sophisticated. Partial funds are provided to upgrade the existing solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (Chemagnetics CMX 300 spectrometer) operating within the Chemistry Department at the Pennsylvania State University. This instrument is equipped with dual radiofrequency irradiation channels. Assorted solid-state NMR probes are available for irradiation of the nuclei and the detection of high-resolution NMR signals of solids. The requested upgrade includes a change in the computer hardware and NMR operating system, a third radiofrequency channel with a high-power radiofrequency amplifier, three new NMR probes for accomplishing sophisticated solid-state NMR experiments, and a fast computer for off-line data analysis, data storage, and calculations of spin dynamics. The major users of this spectrometer upgrade will be five researchers at Penn State and a group of minor users whose work is concentrated in the fields of solid-state materials and chemistry. The improved instrument will be used in the following representative studies: study of biomimetic materials; synthesis and characterization of new polymeric materials; characterization of new mesoporous molecular sieves; studies of pillared and intercalated layered solids; synthesis of semiconductors in zeolites; investigation of zeolites and related framework solids; studies of order in amorphous solids; synthesis and characterization of glasses; studies of catalytic systems; synthesis of new polymeric materials synthes ized by high-pressure chemistry techniques; and study of coal and coal precursors with high-resolution NMR spectroscopy.

Effective start/end date5/1/9510/31/96


  • National Science Foundation: $125,000.00


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