Upscaling and multilevel methods for three dimensional elasticity via element agglomeration

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This project focuses on the integration of recent theoretical and algorithmic advances in numerical models, which describe the behavior of elastic materials on multiple scales, exhibiting stochastic behavior. The project will include algorithmic design, convergence and complexity analysis, as well as issues that arise in the performance of the upscaling and multilevel algorithms in realistic simulations. The proposed research: (1) aids the development of new and robust methods for upscaling that provide reliable calculations and predictions in structural mechanics; (2) supports the migration of such methods into real-life scientific and engineering simulations; and (3) engages the broader scientific community through research and educational activities, highlighting the integrated approach in numerical modeling of elastic materials from adaptive discretizations to robust solvers and back.

The proposed research aims to improve understanding of the interplay between the techniques from differential geometry and topology, which lead to discretizations compatible with the geometric and topological structures inherited from the physical/mathematical model. Based on this, the PIs plan to develop agglomeration methods that offer provable optimal algorithm performance. The novel efficient and accurate upscaling techniques for elasticity problems have potential applications in material sciences and geosciences. In addition, accurate coarse discretizations yield efficient multilevel solvers for the linear systems coming from corresponding discretizations of linear elasticity. Such solvers enable simulations with finer spatial resolution and/or reduce the necessary computational resources for such simulations. Finally, the design of upscaling techniques has many similarities with the design of discretizations in general. The success of the project will facilitate accurate discretization schemes and robust solvers for linear elasticity equations based on element agglomeration.

Effective start/end date9/15/148/31/17


  • National Science Foundation: $180,000.00


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