US-Africa Workshop on Expanding the Africa Array Network to Support Multidisciplinary Science in Africa, Washington, DC

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Intellectual Merit: A workshop will be held in Washington, DC in June, 2010, bringing together U.S. scientists engaged in geoscience research in Africa and their African collaborators in order to examine and codify the scientific rationale for expanding the AfricaArray (AA) seismic network into a multidisciplinary science network. As the AA seismic network has been developed over recent years, many scientists from allied fields have expressed interest in expanding the geographic extent of the network and adding additional sensors to the network for making a range of in-situ measurements, including for atmospheric science (including climate), geodesy, geography, hydrology, seismology, and space weather.

The primary objectives for the workshop are:

(1) To obtain community input on key science questions (multidisciplinary and discipline-specific) that cannot be addressed without new observations from Africa;

(2) To determine the observational infrastructure needed to provide common data sets for addressing the science questions;

(3) To determine the observational infrastructure needed to provide discipline-specific data sets for addressing the science questions;

(4) To explore the intersection and overlap between the observational infrastructure identified in (2) and (3) and existing infrastructure within the AA network;

(5) To investigate broader impacts, including best options for communicating and disseminating science information to government and non-government organization (NGO) decision-makers and supporting educational activities in Africa and the U.S.

These objectives are linked to three specific outcomes for the workshop; (a) a science plan that will describe the scientific rationale for expanding the AA network, (b) a logistics plan that will outline the observational needs for each science field and indicate how the existing AfricaArray network can be adapted to meet those needs, and (c) a broader impacts plan that will discuss ways to support science education in Africa.

Broader Impacts: The broader impacts of this workshop include laying the foundation to expand research and education activities in many science fields in Africa for the benefit of many African faculty and students and for the U.S. faculty and students who are conducting research in Africa. In addition, the workshop will provide a forum for developing plans for communicating data and research to a broad audience, both domestic and international. Both early career scientists and graduate students will participate in the workshop.

Effective start/end date5/1/104/30/11


  • National Science Foundation: $60,000.00


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