US-Honduras Dissertation Enhancement: Insights into Multiple Stress Response and Belowground Competition Using Multilines of Contrasting Root Architecture

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This Doctoral Dissertation Enhancement award will provide funding for Amelia Henry, a PhD student at Penn State University to conduct field studies in Honduras under the guidance of Dr. Jonathan Lynch, Ms. Henry's thesis advisor and Dr. Juan Rosas of Zamorano University, Honduras. Dr. Rosas, will provide advice on the laboratory and data analysis components of the experiments. The research hypothesis to be tested questions whether planting genotypes of beans that differ in rooting depth will provide increased yields. Tests are designed around two bean genotypes differing only in their rooting depth. Trials include raising the genotypes separately, and in combination, with either adequate water and nutrients, or depleted water and nutrients. Genetic analysis will be used to determine the genotypes responsible for yield, and physiological measurements will be made to assess the mechanisms accounting for and growth or yield differences that occur from the use of multiline planting. The study addresses a broad range of questions and involves a variety of techniques, including molecular, organismal, and ecological components. Results from the study could address basic questions in root ecology that are highly relevant to food security in developing countries.

Effective start/end date9/15/062/29/08


  • National Science Foundation: $9,800.00


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