USA-Sino Summer School in Vision, Learning, Pattern Recognition, VLPR 2012

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This project supports US faculty members and graduate students to attend USA - Sino Summer School in Vision, Learning, Pattern Recognition (VLPR2012). The VLPR summer school has become a mutually beneficial annual event for computer vision researchers and students from both US and China. The impact and reputation of VLPR summer school sequence grows rapidly and VLPR 2012 continues this positive trend by focusing on Computer Vision in Biomedical Image Applications: from Micro to Macro. This topic complements the methodology-centered VLPRs in the past with an application-oriented and human-centered focus on life forms in drastically different scales: from human and animals (macro) to cells (micro). VLPR 2012 aims to illustrate a cross-sectional state of the art computer vision and machine learning methodologies, to broaden the horizon for innovations and creativities, and to address some fundamental issues of high throughput computing on multi-modality, high-dimensional, and high volume image data (Big Data).

The theme of this summer school reflects the growing international trend of interdisciplinary research in biomedical image and smart health, and facilitates collaborative efforts between science and technology, computer science and medicine/biology, and US and China. In addition, this summer school offers a great opportunity for intellectual and cultural exchanges between a group of world-class computer vision researchers and motivated students from the two countries to converse and mingle with each other in an exciting, culturally rich environment during a week-long period.

Effective start/end date6/1/125/31/13


  • National Science Foundation: $50,000.00


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