Weighing the Smallest Exoplanets: Support for An Interdisciplinary Workshop

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In the study of planets around other stars, telescopic observations called radial velocity measurements are needed for two reasons: First, these observations are one of the best methods for finding planets that are located very close to their stars. Second, for planets that move in front of their stars in their orbits, these observations tell astronomers the weight of the planets. The Third Workshop on Extremely Precise Radial Velocities will bring together 150 - 200 astronomers, engineers, and mathematicians to discuss ways to improve instruments and computing methods so that they can find and study the smallest Earth-like planets around other stars. This conference will serve the national interest by promoting the progress of science when successes, challenges, and plans to improve the precision of the telescopic observations needed to find these Earth-like planets are discussed and shared. The conference will last four days, and have talks and posters mixed with group discussions.

The Principal Investigator requests support for a conference entitled 'The Third Workshop on Extremely Precise Radial Velocities (EPRV III).' This international workshop will emphasize the discipline of extremely precise (

Effective start/end date10/3/163/31/20


  • National Science Foundation: $30,000.00


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