Workshop on Atmospheric Importance of Biogenic Hydrocarbons in Early Spring 2005

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This award supports a specialty 'Workshop on the Atmospheric Importance of Biogenic Hydrocarbons' to be held at University of Virginia in Early Spring 2005. This workshop builds upon the recent Gordon Research Conference on biogenic hydrocarbons and the atmosphere by specifically targeting: (1) a review of multi-decadal changes in North America vegetation patterns and how changes have modified hydrocarbon production rates; (2) a state of the science evaluation regarding photooxidation of biogenic hydrocarbons and secondary aerosol formation; and (3) developing new research strategies to improve current understanding of the sources, fates, transport and transformations of biogenic hydrocarbons. The broader impacts of this project include advancing our understanding of the influences of biogenic hydrocarbons on atmospheric composition, radiative transfer and climate. In addition, the workshop will bring together established researchers and early career scientists, providing invaluable opportunities for professional interactions in a focused and productive forum. Travel support under this award will facilitate attendance by a number of early career scientists from U.S. institutions, with particular emphasis placed on attracting minority scientists.

Effective start/end date9/1/0412/31/06


  • National Science Foundation: $35,000.00


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