Workshop on Biogenic Hydrocarbons in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia; August 24-27, 1997

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98714918 Fuentes Support is provided for graduate students to participate in the 'Workshop on Biogenic Hydrocarbons in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer', which will be held at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, on 24-27 August, 1997. This meeting will bring together micrometeorologists, plant physiologists, and atmospheric chemists and focus on the following issues: (1) Plant physiological and environmental controls on biogenic volatile organic carbon (BVOC), including the review of recent laboratory and field studies; (2) Measurements and modeling of BVOC emissions at the foliage and ecosystem levels, including work related to gas exchange using cuvette systems and micrometeorological techniques; (3) Atmospheric observations, including recent results from BEMA, BOREAS, NARSTO, and SOS, and new developments of analytical methods and measurement technologies; (3) Chemical mechanisms for BVOC, including laboratory kinetic studies and smog chamber experiments; (4) Photochemical modeling of the role of BVOCs on a regional and global scale, including the application of chemical mechanisms, combined with emission model developments.

Effective start/end date7/15/976/30/99


  • National Science Foundation: $11,000.00


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