1st rotor hub flow prediction workshop

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The 1st Rotor Hub Flow Prediction Workshop" is a successful example of how collaborative e?orts between the VLRCOEs at Penn State (Prof. Schmitz) and Georgia Tech (Prof. Smith) has broadened its impact to include additional partners from the rotorcraft community, with focused e?orts on validating and further developing the computational tools needed for future high-speed rotorcraft. Follow-up work is anticipated, and several abstracts were submitted for AHS International's Forum 73. As discussions and simulations of current data continue, blind comparison runs are planned in 2017 of an "Interactional Aerodynamics Experiment," sponsored by VLC/NRTC, where an instrumented horizontal tail surface will be installed in the long-age wake of the scaled rotor hub and tested at full-scale Reynolds number.

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StatePublished - Nov 1 2016

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